The Danish Draughts Federation has two goals; firstly to promote the game of Draughts in Denmark, secondly to hold tournaments and nominate Danish players to world championship qualifying events.

The beauty and complexity of draughts

The relative simplicity of the rules of draughts is probably the reason for the common misconception that draughts is a "children's game" and not worthy of serious attention. Another probable reason is the perpetuation of this myth by popular media such as the movies. While it is certainly true that draughts is a great game for children to play, the game has a deceptively deep complexity and beauty that is rarely discovered in casual play.

Black to move and win in 109 moves!

Check out the position to the left; assuming perfect play by both players black will win in 109 moves! This is one of the longest 2x2 wins and is taken from the book midget problems dedicated to 2x2 problems. This kind of position belongs to a class of standard positions called 1st position, variations of this kind of position comes up quite frequently in tournament play.

History of draughts

Draughts (or Checkers as it is called in the U.S.) is a ancient board game one of the 3 big classic board games draughts, chess and go. Historically almost every country has had their own rules of the game, but this is changing and two sets of rules are becoming more and more popular. The Danish Draughts Federation and this homepage is mainly concerned with the 8x8 version. More historical information can be found in this wikipedia article